Behind the Send

Sharing the stories of the people who make the climbing life possible.

The story of Tenaya is not just about building performance climbing shoes, it’s about the people, both behind the brand and those who represent it.

Climbing is often depicted as an individual pursuit—the climber versus the rock—yet, that doesn’t tell the full story. There’s a team behind every ascent, from the route developer who has the vision to establish a new line, to the belayer who provides encouragement and a safe catch, to the coaches and physios who keep us strong, to the product designers who engineer the gear we use, and to all of mentors who show us the way.

This December we are sharing the stories of the people and professionals behind the send. We invite you to follow us on social media for blog posts, videos, and live interviews from the many different and often under-appreciated pillars of the community who make the climbing life possible.

Find the calendar of events below, along with the archive of stories from the ones behind the send.

Calendar of Events

The Ones Behind the Send

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