The Climbing Doctor: Jared Vagy

Live interview with Dr. Jared Vagy and Felipe Camargo on common climbing injuries and how to prevent them.

Nothing will stop your forward momentum quite like a climbing injury. Whether it’s a tweaky shoulder, a ruptured pulley, or dodgy elbows, the pain and inflammation not only inhibit your performance, but can set you back weeks, if not months.

As climbers, we tend to be stubborn and embrace suffering. And yet, more often than not, the most common climbing injuries come from repetitive stress over time, or overuse—and are preventable.

We’ve teamed up with Dr. Jared Vagy, a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in treating climbing injuries and the author of the best-selling book “Climb Injury-Free”, to delve into climbing injuries, from prevention to rehabilitation.

Join us for an Instagram Live session with Dr. Vagy and Tenaya athlete Felipe Camargo to learn more about the most common climbing injuries and how to prevent them.

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