Rock climber Alex Megos training on a hangboard

The Climbing Coach: Dicki Korb, with Alex Megos

Alex Megos and his long-time coach Dicki Korb on Mego’s evolution as a climber and how he optimizes his training.

Alex Megos might be the first person in the world to onsight 9a (5.14d), but the 27-year-old climber came on to the scene gradually. From his early days of climbing with socks in rock shoes, …

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Vertical-Life climbing app employees in South Tyrol, Italy

The App Developer: Cody Roth & Vertical-Life

As COVID keeps the climbing community apart, digital services step in to fill the void.

Climbing knows no boundaries. It’s a universal language that supersedes all prejudices, politics, and differences. Wherever you travel in the world, you can always find your tribe and be welcome. This year, however, COVID has …

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Climbing photographers Ken Etzel and Liam Lonsdale

The Filmmaker: Ken Etzel

Peek behind the scenes—ahem, send—and learn what it takes to be a climbing photographer and filmmaker.

When climbing and photography cozy up together on a portaledge, you can expect a bundle of inspiration to be born.

Slovenian rock climber Klemen Becan in Croatia

The Rocktrotter: Klemen Bečan

How the dedicated Slovenian climber makes the vagabond lifestyle work and the lessons he’s learned from the road.

After three decades of climbing and living on the road, the 38-year-old says he wouldn’t change a thing—except maybe for a slightly bigger van.

Climbers Chris Winter and Hayden Carpenter

The Advocate: Chris Winter and the Access Fund

The executive director of the Access Fund on responsible climbing, conservation, and how we, as individuals, can be better stewards to our crags.

COVID-19 is crushing our climbing areas. With gyms closed or operating at limited capacities, many new climbers are venturing outside for the first time—which is amazing to see—but the record numbers are taking a toll …

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"The Climbing Doctor," Jared Vagy

The Climbing Doctor: Jared Vagy

Live interview with Dr. Jared Vagy and Felipe Camargo on common climbing injuries and how to prevent them.

As climbers, we tend to be stubborn and embrace suffering. But nothing will stop your forward momentum quite like a climbing injury.

Climber Jimmy Webb bouldering in Switzerland

The Explorer: Jimmy Webb

Live interview with Jimmy Webb on bouldering development, long-term projects, and traveling the world to climb.

Jimmy Webb tends to keep a low profile, but the humble warrior has sent more V16s [8C+] than almost any other American.

Uri Maraver rock climbing

The Sensei: Uri Maraver

How the martial arts expert brings his experience and values to climbing.

Climbing coach Uri Maraver on his Judo roots, how they translate to climbing, and what it takes to be a top athlete in today’s competition landscape.

Alizée Dufraisse rock climbing at Rodellar, Spain.

The Mentor: Philippe Dufraisse and Alizée Dufraisse

Life lessons from a father-daughter climbing duo.

The fauther-daughter duo speak on mentorship, how climbing has affected their relationship, and the lessons they’ve learned together over the years.